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Christmas at Grandview

New Year's Eve Day

Sunday, December 31
9:00am • 11:00am

Grandview Kids’ programming will be available for all ages.

Christmas Offering 2023

Consider partnering with us as we raise support for these initiatives directed towards gospel proclamation, church planting and justice & compassion. 

Afghan Gospel Project


Supporting our existing missions’ partner, Samir Javed, the funds raised will initiate a ground-breaking opportunity to share the gospel. Working in tandem with Transworld Radio, the funds will allow Samir’s new ministry, Lumens of Truth, to radio broadcast a weekly worship service into Afghanistan. This service will feature worship music written by Afghans, prayer and the preaching of Scripture.

Middle East/North Africa (MENA) Church Planting


Partnering with Fellowship International (our denomination’s mission arm), the funds raised will begin the long-term support of two church plants in MENA area, specifically in the countries of South Sudan and Lebanon. These new churches combine gospel proclamation and compassion ministries for kingdom impact. This part of the Christmas offering is a continuation of Grandview’s church-planting vision, seeing new churches start and bringing the hope of the gospel.



Supporting our newest Justice & Compassion partner, International Justice Mission (IJM), the funds raised will be used to support two complete rescue missions in the Philippines. A rescue mission consists of four parts – funding an investigation where slavery is suspected, a rescue plan, an actual rescue operation and then a two-year tailored aftercare program for the victims in which many experience the love of Christ and the gospel message.


You can read the details of a rescue plan at

Please ensure your gift is designated as “Christmas Offering”.


Funds received will be distributed first to the Afghan Gospel Project, second to church planting in MENA area and third to IJM’s rescue missions. Funds received over $60,000 will go to support further rescue missions with IJM. 

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