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Below is a list of Grandview's prayer requests and praise reports for you to pray for and rejoice over. 

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Robert Adams

DECEMBER 6, 2022

I still have not been able to see a surgeon regarding the pain in my feet and legs. It is getting to the point where I am having trouble maintaining my balance. Please pray that I do not lose my ability to walk. Thank you for praying. Robert

Passing of Heidi Sider's Father


Information about the funeral service has now been provided.  A service will be held this Saturday, December 10 at WestPark Church in London, Ontario.  Please find these and additional details here: John's obituary.  Thank you for continuing to pray for the Sider family during this time of loss.


With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to my dear father, R. John Campbell this morning.  Thank you to all who have prayed and supported us over the last two years as we anticipated this day.  Please continue to pray as we prepare to celebrate his life and adjust to life without him.  Further details about the memorial service will be shared in the coming days.  Thank you, again, for your prayers.  Jeff, Heidi, Evan and Bethany

Rebecca Black


Rebecca is thankful to report that the doctors were able to remove all of the cancer during her recent surgery.  Praise be to God!  She will not need any chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  Rebecca is giving God much praise and wishes to thank the church family for all of your prayers.

Taylor Keyes

At the beginning of March 2021, Taylor had a skiing accident resulting in a broken leg below the right knee. He underwent surgery at that time.


My surgery went well and the screws were able to come out successfully. However, the rod was unable to be removed. My recovery is going well. I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor in 2 weeks to discuss next steps. Thank you for your prayers. Taylor


I have an upcoming surgery this Wednesday (November 23) at 10:30am to have the surgical rod and screws taken out of my leg.  Praise God for the recovery process over the past year and a half and that the bone has healed to the point where I can have the surgical equipment removed. Please pray that the surgery goes as planned and for the healing process over the next few weeks.  Thank you for your prayers.  Taylor

Julia Nickel


Thank you for praying for my appointment with the neurologist. The nerve tests all came back clear but I will still go for an MRI. Please pray that God will help me to be patient as I wait for Him to bring healing from the pain and symptoms I still experience, and to open the doors for me to go back to work. Thank you for your prayers. Julia


I am thankful for those who have been praying for my healing from symptoms I have had from a concussion 5 months ago.  Most symptoms are gradually improving.  I have an appointment with a neurologist this morning to address increasing pain and tingling.  Please pray that I can learn what is causing this and how it could be healed.  God has been my Helper, especially over these last few months.  I am trying to rest in Him.  Thank you for praying. Julia

Becky Trewin


Please continue to pray for Becky.  She has tested positive for COVID and has been receiving IV Remdesivir. Please pray that she will experience a quick recovery.  Thank you for your prayers.  Catherine (Becky's Mom)


My back is very bad, and I can hardly walk, but I am having an x-ray tomorrow (Thursday, October 27).  Thank you for praying.  Becky

Raul Godoy

NOVEMBER 7, 2022

Raul is in the final stages of launching a new business, and he would appreciate prayer for him and the people involved in these last steps. His desire is that this new business will always be in the service of our Lord.  Thank you for your prayers.

Dale and Sharon Horner

NOVEMBER 5, 2022

Dale and Sharon have been struggling with sinusitis all week and are asking for God’s hand of healing on them.  Thank you for your prayers.

Judy Kennedy's Neighbour's Family


Audrey's great-grandson, Kyle, is home from the hospital.  The test results on his brain showed no tumour, but he did have some fluid on his brain.  He has been put on medication and is doing better.  Thank you to all who prayed for him.  Judy

OCTOBER 20, 2022

My neighbour, Audrey MacGregor's great-grandson, Kyle (10 years old), has been undergoing testing on his brain today.  He has been very ill and has been hospitalized for a while.  Please pray for healing for Kyle, comfort for Audrey and her family as they await a diagnosis and wisdom for the doctors as they try to figure out what is wrong.  Thank you.  Judy

Debra Blundell

Debra is undergoing a series of 'redo' injection procedures aimed at tightening a loose joint in her pelvis following damage from a 2012 motor vehicle accident. The first procedure was done in early September. The second procedure was at the beginning of October.


I am asking for prayer for my third injection procedure in Toronto on Tuesday, November 1, aimed at tightening my right pelvic joint (sacroiliac joint) which was damaged in the 2012 car accident.  May God guide the travel for myself and my driver, help the specialists with the procedure and finally, facilitate complete and total healing after several failed attempts.  Thanks for lifting me up to the Mighty Healer.  Debra

George Dow

Mid-September, George found out he has a spot of cancer in a section of his bowel.  He met with the surgeon to receive further information and to discuss the plan regarding surgery and treatment. Surgery has been scheduled for Friday, October 21.


George's surgery went well yesterday.  They were able to do it by laparoscopy, so only 3 or 4 small incisions. He is alert and up walking this morning!  He will be in the hospital for 3-5 days, and then there will be 4-6 weeks of recovery.  Thanks for your prayers on his behalf.  Sharon


George's surgery is tomorrow (Friday) at 9:00am. Your prayers are appreciated!  Thank you.  Sharon

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