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Len Graham

Following a rushed echocardiogram on December 8, 2021, Len had an ECG and was sent for a consultation with the cardiologist.  Dr. Sammy Ali explained that the aorta valve is normally the size of a loonie and the echocardiogram showed Len's to be the size of a pinhole.  Open-heart surgery is the next step but may be delayed for several reasons.
Yesterday (January 19), Len was taken by ambulance to St. Mary’s Hospital.  He is waiting for open-heart surgery.  During the past week, his symptoms have been increasing in intensity and timing.  In Len’s words, 'It takes all my energy to breathe.'  Len was admitted to care on the cardiac floor and will see a cardiologist this morning and we will go from there.  Please pray as our Heavenly Father leads.  Psalm 18:1 ‘I love you, O Lord, my strength’.  Joyce


Alan Cole

JANUARY 18, 2022
Please pray for Alan who was in a serious motor vehicle accident last night.  Thank you for your prayers.


Susan Barclay's Mother

It's been a while since I updated the church on my Mom, Violet's condition.  This is largely because there has really been no change.  Continued prayers are appreciated.  She is often tired and this results in her spending too much time in bed instead of getting up and moving.  She is discouraged that God hasn't come through for her in the ways that she wants and feels that she needs.  She would be especially grateful for intercessory prayer.  Pray for us also as we care for her.  Thank you, church.  Susan


Stan and Donna Fowler

On July 28, 2021, while on vacation in Virginia with his wife Donna, Stan suffered a massive stroke.  They recently sold their home in Kitchener and have purchased one in Cambridge suitable for Stan's needs. And after many months in hospital, Stan is now continuing his recovery at home.

Please pray for Stan as he has declined in his ability to get around.  I am thankful for family and friends who helped on Friday when he fell several times and I couldn’t get him up.  Our children are now taking turns helping us, day and night.  We cannot continue this pattern.  Please pray that we can get a response from the physician's office and that they can find out what has changed.

I am also requesting prayer for our 37-year-old niece, Karyn.  She has been fighting cancer for 5 years, but it has spread to her liver and brain so she is now in hospice care at Stan’s brother's house.  The news today is that without a miracle, she has days to live.  She has 3 children, ages 8-13.  Please pray for Karyn and her family during this very difficult time.


Thank you so much, Grandview family, for all your help in many ways and your prayers.  Donna

Josee Drager's Father

Josee's father has been in hospital in an induced coma and on a ventilator in ICU.
A lot has happened these past couple of days!  The intubation was removed on Thursday and he has been breathing on his own with a 'regular' oxygen line.  Although he remains in ICU, out of all the patients there, he is the first one scheduled to come out!  The medical staff were amazed at his progress a
gain on Friday.  We know that the next month will feel long for my Dad.  He will most likely have permanent lung damage.  He is also missing Mom and home.  And, he will have a lot of physio ahead.  But it warmed my heart after he saw Emma (we were video chatting with my sister) and Dad told her in a soft voice 'I was praying for you today.'  I am sure it blessed his heart when we told him that many people were praying for him too.  Blessings.   Josee

Becca Trewin

Please pray for Becca as she is isolated in her room during the pandemic. In her own words, "please pray for me because it is so hard to stay in my room all of the time."


Passing of Heidi Fernhout's Mother

Heidi's mother, Elisabeth, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, January 11.  Please pray for Heidi and her family as they mourn the loss of this dear loved one.  Please find the visitation and funeral details here:  Elisabeth Fernhout Obituary - Kitchener, ON | Henry Walser Funeral Home Ltd.

DECEMBER 22, 2021
Please pray for Heidi and her parents.  Both her Dad and Mom are unwell. Her Dad is in the hospital, and she is trying to help with caring for her Mom.  Currently, Heidi is their primary caregiver.  She is hoping that her brother will begin to help with their care so she doesn't have to carry the burden alone.  It is very stressful.  Thank you for your prayers.


Kyle and Amanda Vander Linden

Dan and Ashley Rogas' friend, Amanda has Primary Sclerosis Cholangitis (PSC), an autoimmune disease of the liver.  This disease places her at a higher risk for cancer along with other health issues. On December 8, Amanda was diagnosed with a tumour on her liver which they believe to be cancerous. The recommended treatment option, at that time, was a liver transplant paired with radiation and chemotherapy.
We met with the surgeon Wednesday, and Amanda will be having surgery on Tuesday, January 18 to remove the tumour and a significant portion of her liver (60 %).  We found out that the tumour is aggressive and is growing downwards.  Due to its aggressive growth, they feel that the transplant protocol timeline is too long and the tumour would have ample time to spread through her body, making the transplant ineffective.  Thus, removal is now the preferred treatment option.  The operation will be 10 - 12 hours long and recuperation will be a minimum of 7 - 10 days in hospital if everything goes well (it could be much longer).  Afterwards, she will recuperate at home and hopefully be feeling better (normal) in 3 - 4 months, but it could be much longer than that.  Unfortunately, there is still a high risk for the cancer to return and this does not deal with her autoimmune liver disease, Primary Sclerosis Cholangitis (PSC). 
Please pray for us and our children, Briar and Willem; for the doctors.  This is a serious operation and we are taking it day by day.  I know God is bigger than all of this, and we give Him praise for Amanda's recuperation to this point and the decisive treatment path given.  Thank you for your prayers.  Kyle


Phil and Merilee Henderson (Missionaries in Chad)

JANUARY 12, 2022  
Here are some prayer requests for our life and work in Chad:
1)  Pray for Kaitlyn who has been unable to return to RVA for her second term of grade 9.  She was due to travel on Jan 4 but due to some Covid cases amongst the staff, the school is not going to be receiving students on campus until the end of January.   She is not loving online school and misses her friends.
2)  Pray for Phil who has been taking on the Country Director role since early December.   MAF is sending a temporary director who can only be here for 6 weeks.  We are desperately in need of a permanent director, a chief engineer and another pilot.
3)  Praise God that Merilee was unharmed when she found herself stuck with nowhere to go in the middle of a protest in town which blocked a main road.   We are thankful that it didn't turn violent when the military showed up in force with tear gas.   After a tense 20 minutes, she was able to make a U-turn and find a side road to get home.  Thank you for praying.   Phil and Merilee 

Isobel Hart

Isobel suffers from on-going seizures and has been diagnosed with a type of mitochondrial deletion.
UPDATE – MARCH 24, 2021
Isobel is back in hospital at McMaster.  Kathryn had been noticing her breathing was becoming more laboured over the last few weeks.  She was hospitalized a week ago.  After numerous tests, they feel that sending her home with oxygen to supplement her breathing, especially at night, is the only treatment option at the moment.  They are hoping to come home on Wednesday with her.  Thank you for your continued prayers for Isobel and her family.  Greg Tombs


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