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Below is a list of Grandview's prayer requests and praise reports for you to pray for and rejoice over. 

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Sarah Robinson 

JUNE 27, 2022
One of our Grandview mission partners, Sarah Robinson (Power to Change), has contracted COVID-19 and is struggling with fatigue. Please pray for her complete healing and no lingering effects.  In addition, she is asking to know God more in this particular struggle.  Thank you for praying.  Pastor James

Angela Collins' Niece

UPDATE – JUNE 27, 2022
Praise the Lord! My niece has been given a new date for her knee surgery.  Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday, June 28) at 8am.  Please pray that there is no delay/cancellation and that the surgery proceeds smoothly.  Pray for Megan (my niece), her family and the medical staff throughout this four-hour surgery.  Thank you for praying.  Angela
UPDATE – JUNE 16, 2022
Megan has had her surgery postponed.  On their way to the hospital, they were called and told there were no beds available, so the surgery for today was cancelled.  They are unable to provide a new surgery date at this time.  This is very discouraging and stressful for my sister and her family.  Please pray for a new date to become available soon and for Megan's health as she waits.  Thank you.  Angela
JUNE 16, 2022

My 12-year-old niece, Megan, is having complicated knee surgery today at 11:30am.  Please pray for her parents to rest in God's grace, her surgeons and medical staff to succeed using the skills God has given them and for Megan's body to handle the stress of the surgery without any major side effects. Thank you for your prayers.  Angela

Passing of Joe Elliotson's Father

JUNE 21, 2022
Dear Grandview Family,
Please pray for Joe (Grandview's Finance Administrator) and his family as they grieve the recent passing of Joe's father.  The funeral service will be held in Orangeville on Monday, June 27.  Thank you for your prayers.


Catherine and Becca Trewin

UPDATE – JUNE 15, 2022
Praise God, Becca’s face pain is currently under control! 

I am also asking for prayer for myself as I go for a full PET scan tomorrow (Thursday).  And please pray for the clearest pictures ever!  Thank you for praying.  Catherine


Jacquelyn Grant's Cousin

UPDATE – JUNE 15, 2022
Please continue to pray for Ken.  He remains in London hospital and has been given 6-12 months to live.  My husband and I were able to visit him on Monday (June 13).  I had the opportunity to give him a Bible, share the gospel with him and pray for him.  Please continue to pray for his salvation and that the will of God be done in His life.  Thank you, church family.  Jacquelyn     
UPDATE – MAY 14, 2022

Please continue to pray for my cousin, Ken.  The surgery to remove his stomach cancer tumour was attempted but unsuccessful. The tumour is inoperable due to involvement with the liver, stomach and diaphragm.  He has not given up and is exploring new drugs/treatment options with his doctors.  Please pray for peace as he moves forward into unknown territory and also that God would reveal Himself to Ken.  Thank you for praying along with me as I continue to assist him in any way I can. Thank you, Grandview family.  Jacquelyn


Rebecca Black

JUNE 13, 2022
Please pray for Rebecca who is in St. Mary's Hospital suffering from a serious infection.  The infection is affecting her kidneys and her lungs, and they do not know how long she will remain there.  Please pray for healing and for wisdom for the doctors and those assisting in her care.  Thank you for your prayers.  Cheryl Hopp


Passing of Linda Petker

UPDATE – JUNE 12, 2022
Thank you for continuing to pray for Gary and his family as they mourn this significant loss.  Please find the visitation/funeral details and the livestream link here:

Linda Petker Obituary - Kitchener, ON | Henry Walser Funeral Home Ltd
, 2022
After a short stay at hospice, Linda passed away peacefully yesterday morning.  Linda's husband, Gary wishes to express his sincere thanks to all who have prayed and cared for Linda.  Your expressions of care and love over the years have been very meaningful.  Please pray for Gary and their family as they mourn this difficult loss.  Visitation and funeral details will appear here when they become available.  Thank you for your prayers.
UPDATE – JUNE 2, 2022
Please pray for Linda as she recovers in hospital after suffering two strokes yesterday.  She is expected to be in the hospital for the coming week.  Thank you for your prayers.  Kerry, Linda’s son 

Heidi Fernhout

JUNE 9, 2022
Please pray for Heidi and her relationship with her Dad.  She is finding it hard at this time as she tries to find a balance in terms of spending quality time with him.  Thank you for praying. 


Maureen McCurry

JUNE 1, 2022
Please pray for a successful operation and recovery for Maureen as she goes in for surgery on Wednesday, June 15.  Thank you for praying!


Danny Pufall

MAY 29, 2022
After experiencing chest pain, my husband, Daniel was admitted to St Mary's Hospital on Friday evening. Apparently, his sugar was extremely high at 32 and his blood pressure was 195 over something.  A week and a half ago, when he had a physical examination, he was fine. His blood pressure was 115 over something normal.  After being admitted, they did some tests and it was discovered that he had a mild heart attack.  He is fine, but they will do more tests tomorrow to see if there are any blockages.  He will remain in hospital until at least Tuesday but it may depend on the tests tomorrow.  Thank you for your prayers.  Bonnie


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