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Bonnie Pearson

UPDATE – JUNE 10, 2021

Recently, when multiple test results came back, it was decided that the pill form chemo being used was not effective and the cancer has made progress in multiple areas. A change was made and Bonnie is now on another chemo drug and back to weekly infusion at the GRH Cancer Centre. A nurse comes every other day to our home to do a draining of the lung as a there is a lot of fluid build up from the disease which causes a lot of pressure on the lung and heart. This has made her breathing and speaking a bit of a challenge. We greatly appreciate your prayers. Thank you. Kevin

Karen Burgess' Mother

UPDATE – JUNE 7, 2021

Karen's Mom, Carol was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had surgery at the end of March. The uterine pathology came back as a rare, aggressive form of endometrial cancer. There is very little known about this type of cancer and so treatment decisions are difficult. Carol has decided to pursue radiation.

We have decided that treatment in Ottawa makes the most sense. A referral to London would cause delays in treatment. I will be taking a leave of absence from work and going there for 4 weeks. We are feeling at peace with this decision and while it comes with some challenges, we believe it is the best option. Mom begins treatment on June 15 (for 5 weeks). My brother will be there to help for the first week. On June 20, I will go to help for the remaining 4 weeks. Thank you for keeping us in prayer. Karen

Bonnie Clark and Family

UPDATE – JUNE 6, 2021

After having my 5 year Colonoscopy check-up, they found a tumour. I will be going to Cambridge Hospital at 6:30 am on June 14 and will be having laparoscopic surgery at 8:30 am to remove it. They believe it is only stage 1 or 2 and that they should be able to get it all. Please pray for the surgeon as he does this procedure, and for me to remain calm and not worry. Also, please pray for my son John as he is still going through chemotherapy.  I am his driver for his appointments. Thank you church family.  Bonnie 

Passing of Susan Dahmer's Brother

UPDATE – JUNE 3, 2021

Brian Dahmer Obituary - Kitchener, ON | Henry Walser Funeral Home Ltd.

UPDATE – MAY 31, 2021

Susan’s brother, Brian, passed away this morning. Please pray for Susan and her family during this time of loss. Funeral details will follow when they become available. Thank you very much for your continued prayers.

Lyn Hunt's Daughter

JUNE 3, 2021

Lyn's daughter, Jaime Wright, has been struggling with migraines for the past 6-8 weeks, almost every day. They have been very debilitating. She would like to consult with a neurologist but cannot find one who is accepting new patients. Please pray for relief from the pain and for a neurologist who will take her on. The family is praying that it is nothing serious. Thank you very much for your prayers.

Passing of Joe Schipper's Grandfather

UPDATE – JUNE 2, 2021

My grandfather, Jake Winter, passed away early yesterday morning. We are thankful that he is with Jesus now and is no longer in pain. Prayer for our family would be appreciated, especially for my grandmother. Thank you for your prayers. Joe

Jacquelyn Grant's Neighbour

MAY 31, 2021

Please pray for our former neighbour, Frank. He is a police office who was involved in a car accident a few days ago in Cambridge on Kossuth Rd. He suffered multiple injuries. Please pray for Frank and his family.  He has a long road ahead of him, of healing and PT. Thank you for your dear prayers my Grandview Family! God is Good.  Jacquelyn

Magda Wagensveld

UPDATE – MAY 27, 2021

Magda was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery to remove a malignant tumour in April. The cancer was completely removed with clear margins and clear lymph nodes, and it is very treatable.  Several treatment options were being considered.

With a lot of prayer, thinking and discussing with oncologists, we have decided not to proceed with any treatment since there is very low possibility of reoccurrence. Thank you for all your prayers during this somewhat stressful time. Art and Magda

Susan Barclay's Mother

UPDATE – MAY 27, 2021

My Mom's blood work came back fine with just a warning of borderline cholesterol. She spoke with her cardiologist yesterday and he doesn't think the swelling is related to her heart. He is arranging for her to have a holter and EKG. The swelling has increased and may be connected to her reduced mobility. Please pray that she will have the strength to get up and move every day. Thank you for continuing to see us through in prayer. Susan

Brian and Lynne Elliot's Family

UPDATE - MAY 26, 2021

Thank you so much for praying for Emily McKaig this past year. Emily is Brian's cousin's 11-year-old daughter who had a cancerous tumour in her leg last fall. She had surgery at Sick Kids to remove the tumour and part of her leg. Emily has been going for chemotherapy since the surgery in London. Praise God she graduated on Friday from her last treatment. She is learning to walk with a custom-made prosthetic now. Your prayers for her are much appreciated.  Brian and Lynne

Bryan Gordon

UPDATE - MAY 26, 2021

Bryan has had two small strokes over the past year. On Wednesday May 26, he had surgery on his left carotid artery.

The surgeon is very pleased with how well the surgery went. Bryan will be discharged tomorrow around noon unless something shows up and they choose to keep him in longer. We are grateful to the Grandview family for praying for Bryan especially through his most recent health challenges. He will have to limit his activities while he recovers. God is good and He is faithful. We are blessed to be His children!  Susan

Ernie Neufeld and Michelle Peters

MAY 21, 2021
Ernie and I (Michelle) are very excited to announce the birth of our daughter Rei Hannah Neufeld – born May 16. She arrived healthy and quickly and we are so thankful for her. Please pray for our family (including our 19-month-old son Zane) as we transition to being a larger family and adjust. Thank you. Michelle

Gayle Fangrad

UPDATE – MAY 20, 2021
Gayle was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery to remove the tumour the end of January. She has been undergoing 8 sessions of chemotherapy over 16 weeks.
I have started a new chemo drug for the last 4 of my scheduled treatments. I would like to ask prayer specifically against the negative side affects associated with this drug, particularly the potential lasting nerve damage. May the drug do it’s intended good work and nothing more.

Secondly, please pray for my sister who is struggling with long term severe physical and mental illness. Pray for a miracle of healing and her ability to perseverance. Thank you! Gayle

Jeff and Heidi Sider

MAY 17, 2021
With heavy hearts, we are preparing to say goodbye to my Dad, R. John Campbell (74) as pancreatic cancer is taking over his body. In December 2020 we were told he would only have months to live. He has fought well to live out these past months with purpose and joy, but we are now seeing that the cancer is taking over control more and more. Please pray for my Mom, Beryle who is carrying the greatest burden, especially in this difficult lockdown. Pray also for us as we attempt to support them and for our own emotions of losing a special person in our lives. Only God knows how many weeks Dad has remaining, but we are doing our best to trust Him and His timing. Thank you – The Sider family (Jeff, Heidi, Evan and Bethany)

Jan Payne

APRIL 24, 2021
I was diagnosed at St Mary’s this week with several blood clots in my left leg. At this point, the medical team does not know the reason for this, and I am booked to speak with a blood specialist to find some answers. I would appreciate prayer that the pain experienced when moving around will be diminished, and I can get back some mobility to carry out daily routines. I am now on blood thinners to prevent further clots, but unfortunately, they do not break up the present ones. Please pray for healing and also for Gord’s health to remain good. Thank you. Jan

Isobel Hart

UPDATE – MARCH 24, 2021

Isobel suffers from on-going seizures and has been diagnosed with a type of mitochondrial deletion.

Isobel is back in hospital at McMaster. Kathryn had been noticing her breathing was becoming more laboured over the last few weeks. She was hospitalized a week ago. After numerous tests, they feel that sending her home with oxygen to supplement her breathing, especially at night, is the only treatment option at the moment. They are hoping to come home on Wednesday with her. Thank you for your continued prayers for Isobel and her family. Greg Tombs

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