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About Grandview's Prayer Forum

Below is a list of Grandview's prayer requests and praise reports for you to pray for and rejoice over. 

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Prayer Requests

Robert Adams

Since December 2022, Robert has been waiting to see a surgeon regarding numbness and pain in his feet and legs which have been affecting his ability to maintain his balance. He had an appointment with the spine surgeon at the end of January.

UPDATE - MARCH 21, 2023

I met with the local neurologist yesterday to discuss my myelogram results. There are mixed results. On one hand they said there was no narrowing of my spinal cavity, yet they said they were at a loss to explain my leg pain and numbness. A meeting is scheduled at London Health Sciences in April and more blood tests have been ordered. Please continue to pray for answers and healing. Thank you all in the name of Jesus we trust.  Robert

UPDATE - MARCH 3, 2023

The myelogram was done this past Wednesday, and I am waiting to hear from the doctor.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  Robert


I have a CT myelogram at Hamilton General on Wednesday, March 1.  Thank you for your prayers.  If all goes well, I may not need an MRI after this test.  It may provide all the necessary information as to which way to treat my condition.  Thank you again.  Robert


My appointment with the spine surgeon went well.  He said he would book a tentative surgery date pending the outcome of an MRI. Unfortunately, due to embedded pacer wires, no local hospital will do an MRI.  Please pray that I can get the required MRI in either Hamilton or Toronto ASAP.  Thanks for your prayers.  Robert

Ruud Berkel's Sister

UPDATE - MARCH 20, 2023

Thank you everyone for praying for our dear sister Corrine.  We have gotten news this morning of her passing.  So grateful for the prayers of God’s people.  Ruud and Carolyn

FEBRUARY 26, 2023

Please pray for Ruud's sister, Corrine, who is awaiting hospice care.  Thank you for praying.  Ruud and Carolyn

Jessica Samuel's Mom

UPDATE - MARCH 19, 2023

Please pray for the Samuel family as Jessica's mother (Amna Calvin) has suffered a series of strokes. Please pray for a miracle of healing for her. If this is not the Lord's will, please pray for wisdom and peace as they care for her and make decisions in this difficult time.

Julia Nickel

In the summer of 2022, Julia suffered a concussion which caused her pain. She had appointments with a neurologist to address the symptoms she had been experiencing. 

UPDATE - MARCH 16, 2023

I would like to give praise to God and thank Him for His healing and help.  I would also like to thank everyone who has been praying for my concussion recovery over these last 9 months.  Last month, I was cleared to fully return to work and all other activities!  Though God’s timing is often not the same as mine, I am thankful for the assurance of His presence and grace that carried me through the boring, painful, and sometimes scary days.  Thank you for praying!  Julia

Sandra Brunk

Earlier in January, while in the States, Sandra fell and broke her hip and femur. She underwent surgery and is now looking toward her recovery. 

UPDATE - MARCH 6, 2023

Sandra is back in Canada.  Unfortunately, she has had another setback and is back in the hospital with very low blood pressure.  She is grateful for all of your prayers.


Sandra has been transferred to a rehabilitation centre and has started her therapy.  Please pray that she will have the strength to do all that is needed to regain her mobility and come back home. Thank you to everyone who is praying for her.  Ruth King


Sandra's surgery had to be delayed but is definitely happening today at 5pm.  Thank you for continuing to lift her before the Lord in prayer.

Edith Covach's Sister

UPDATE - MARCH 6, 2023

The surgery went very well and she felt so much peace as the anesthesia went in.  She is very thankful for the support “once again”!  She has no words to thank her “faraway faith family" enough for your love.  The tumour has been sent for biopsy to confirm, that hopefully, it has stayed negative for cancer. She is expecting these results in the next few weeks.  Thank you.  Edith

FEBRUARY 6, 2023

My sister, Nancy is undergoing surgery this Tuesday, February 7. The doctors will do a full removal of a tumour that was found and then do another biopsy because the initial biopsy did not render clear results. It has not metastasized so far so that is good news! We trust that God is sovereign over all, that He has His hand on the surgeon and will continue guiding the subsequent steps/therapy so she can be back to normal with her young family. Thank you for your prayers. Edith

Ken Burgess

On Saturday, February 25, Ken had a snowboarding accident and broke his femur while in Orillia and was taken to the closest hospital. He underwent surgery early Monday morning.

UPDATE - MARCH 3, 2023

Ken was discharged this morning and is now home.  Please continue to pray for healing and strength so that he will regain his mobility.  Karen

UPDATE - MARCH 1, 2023

Ken was taken to hospital last night - now being admitted to Grand River Hospital.  He has 4-5 blood clots in the lungs, one large one in his leg.  Please pray.  Karen


Thank you for all your prayers for Ken. He underwent surgery early yesterday morning and is now recovering. 

We are hoping to come home today or tomorrow. Thank you! Karen

Alanna Martin's Father

UPDATE - MARCH 1, 2023

My Dad’s (Les) surgery went well on Tuesday.  Pain is well controlled, and his lone kidney is doing an excellent job of picking up the slack!  The recipient is doing well after surgery, although they are waiting for the donor kidney to ‘wake up’ fully.  Thank you for praying.  Alanna

FEBRUARY 26, 2023

My Dad, Les, is going for surgery to donate his kidney on Tuesday, February 28.  Please pray for his safe recovery, and that the recipient's body would accept the new kidney.  Thank you for your prayers.  Alanna

Catherine Trewin

FEBRUARY 20, 2023

I am so thankful!  God has blessed me with my first great-granddaughter.  She is just 4lbs 8oz, but she is doing well, and we are so thankful.  Catherine

Annie Gingrich


I want to thank those who have been praying for me. It is great to be able to say I am doing much better, but still need prayer to know what I can eat and that my problems that were discovered at the time of my tests may be completely healed. Thank you for praying. Annie

FEBRUARY 3, 2023

I had a test done yesterday on my dietary tract, and from last night into this morning, I am having difficulty keeping anything down.  Sleep has also eluded me.  I am praying that my ulcer is not going to give me a lot of pain again.  Thank you for praying.  Annie

Lorraine Scott

FEBRUARY 13, 2023

Please join us in praying for one of our dear seniors, Lorraine Scott. She fell on Saturday and is very bruised and in a lot of pain. She will be talking to her doctor today. Please pray for God's hand of comfort and healing. That His loving presence will envelop her and she can know His peace and mercy showered upon her. Thank you for praying.

Bev Seppenwoolde's Friend


Please pray for my friend. He is facing a serious illness with a medical team that is changing the direction of the plan of his care. The uncertainty is very hard on him and his family. Please pray for him to find God's peace and strength in this crisis. Thank you for praying. Bev

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