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Below is a list of Grandview's prayer requests and praise reports for you to pray for and rejoice over. 

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Marg and Ian Ridpath's Granddaughter

UPDATE – OCTOBER 12, 2021 
Thank you for your prayers, Grandview family!  The surgery went well yesterday and they were able to put a drain in which will continue to clear out the infection.  Please continue to join us in prayer for the infection to be completely cleared and for the recovery process as Samantha’s body heals.  Thank you.  Marg
OCTOBER 10, 2021 
Please join us in prayer for my granddaughter Samantha, who is in hospital with an infection attacking her body.  After 4 operations, it is still not under control and another operation is required on Monday, October 11.  Please pray for the infection to be arrested and healing to take place.  Thank you.  Marg

Becky Trewin

Becky had shingles years ago. It frequently comes back as Trigeminal Neuralgia in her right cheek. It feels like an earache and toothache combined and lasts for days or weeks.
UPDATE – OCTOBER 12, 2021 
Thank you for praying!  Becky has been without face pain for 6 days straight!  It has been a very trying few months and we continue to pray that the pain-free days continue.  Catherine (Becky's Mom)

Charlotte Cudney's Daughter

OCTOBER 8, 2021 
I am requesting prayer for our daughter who is going in for strong chemo treatments this weekend starting Saturday afternoon and Monday.  This round frequently causes bad mouth/throat sores and requires her to be in complete isolation for the next 3 weeks with strict quarantine for at least 2 weeks after that, if her white blood cells build up well.  We are praying that this round will be the last needed and that this can all be a thing of the past.  I cannot say enough how much it means to us to know that there are so many people praying for us all through everything that has been happening to our family.  God continues to be ever present every day.  Thank you.  Charlotte

Stan Fowler

On July 28, while on vacation in Virginia with his wife Donna, Stan suffered a massive stroke. After a thrombectomy procedure, he was unable to speak and was quite weak on the right side.  The neurosurgeon consulting said there was bleeding and swelling on the left side of his brain and was clear that Stan will likely never regain speech. 
As of August 8, Stan had been progressing well, being very alert and able to respond to verbal commands with gestures and nods.  On August 11, he was successfully extubated and began breathing on his own with no support.  They are working on building his strength.  Stan, Donna and Charissa are safely back in Canada. 

Stan has now taken the next step in his recovery process. He moved to Freeport Hospital Complex Care on Mon, Oct 4 in the afternoon. The purpose of this transfer is so that he can be in the complex care unit initially and move towards a rehab program as the tracheostomy issues are resolved. The programs are closely linked and we are planning to meet with the unit manager and physician this week to discuss Stan's goals and begin to formulate a plan for rehab.
Transitions are always challenging. Please pray that Stan will be able to cope in the new surroundings and continue to gain strength. Pray for wisdom for the medical team that will be advising so that we can work together to achieve maximum recovery and function. Pray for us as we adjust to a new schedule, staff, and procedures. Please continue to pray for increased help with speech and language. Thank you for your prayers. Donna and Charissa

As I was listening to a song by Brian Free yesterday morning, 'Somebody’s Miracle, Somebody’s Answer to Prayer', I thought of our Grandview family.  Thank you for your prayers, notes of love, support, concern and meeting practical and financial needs.
Please continue to pray for Stan’s respiratory needs, weaning him off the trach and successfully removing it.  This would allow him to transfer to stroke rehabilitation and look to the goal of home with assistance. Communication is a continuing concern.  He understands but the damage in his brain makes it difficult to communicate.  I have been working with him daily to re-train his brain but my efforts are limited.  Rehab would be the next step.  He is getting stronger everyday which prepares him for the next step.  Thank you again.  Donna


Debra Blundell

I am still requesting prayer as my lawyer and the car Insurance company attempt to negotiate a just and appropriate settlement for my 2012 car accident. Negotiations to date have been poor. As well, I need God's healing for significant fatigue. Debra

Alida Martin's Niece

A huge thank you to everyone who has been praying for my niece Lillian and my brother and sister-in-law! Our God is the great healer. 
On Thursday, Lillian had an MRI to assess for any severe deficits and damage. Shockingly, her MRI was totally clean with no areas of concern. This is a BIG answer to prayer. This is truly the best-case scenario and surprised the doctors to see nothing at all. She will be monitored by a neurologist for the first few years of life, but as of right now she will be starting off like any other child! 
Only hours after her MRI came back, a few other tests came back clean and they were discharged from sick kids and moved back to the hospital close to their home. My brother and sister-in-law are extremely thankful and looking forward to being able to bring Lilly home in the next day or so. Praise God for healing this beautiful girl and comforting her family!  Alida Martin


Paul Evans

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 
Please pray for Paul Evans today (Tuesday, September 28).  He is having a 7 hour surgery to remove a cancerous section of his tongue.  Thank you.

Bev Seppenwoolde's Friend

My friend Sylvia has been doing very well and thanks you all for your prayers.  Her cancer treatments went well. She is back to work!!  Please continue to remember her in your prayers as she is continuing to undergo chemotherapy treatments while trying to continue to work full time hours.  Please pray for her health and strength.  She is a believer and knows the power of prayer.  Thank you.  Bev

Craig Bishop's Mother

Craig's Mom has been transferred to a new hospital and is awaiting a bed in a rehab hospital.  She is still experiencing confusion, but her kidney function seems to be steadily improving.  They are now worried about her blood pressure as it is very high.  Her doctors are trying to alter medications to bring it down. Thank you for your continued prayers.  Craig and Tara
SEPTEMBER 20, 2021
Craig’s Mom, Carrie, was admitted to the hospital this morning with confusion and delirium.  After running some tests, she has extremely low kidney function.  The doctors are working out a plan.  Please pray for wisdom, her husband, Dave, as well as Craig’s brother and sister who live out of province to know if they should come out or not.  Thank you for your prayers.  Craig and Tara


Nick Fioravanti

SEPTEMBER 24, 2021
I'm requesting prayer for my son, Nick, who is currently at McMaster Children's Hospital being tested for colitis or some other reason for him being unwell. He has been there since Monday evening and we don't know when we'll be able to bring him home. Thank you for your prayers. Kim


Robert Adams

Rob had been experiencing high blood pressure and had an angiogram on August 4. He underwent heart surgery the beginning of September.  
I'd like to thank everyone who has prayed for me during this stressful time. I'm still far from 100% as I'm experiencing occasional visual anomalies and spikes in temperature. Yesterday marked 2 weeks since I was released from hospital and I still have a long way to go. Please continue keep me in your prayers. God bless everyone. Thank you. Robert


Bonnie Pearson

Bonnie has seen some significant decline recently in her stamina and abilities, and there has been some progression of the cancer as well.  They stopped the previous chemo drug which lost its effectiveness and have moved onto #4 in the last 2 years since the cancer returned.  Latest chemo seems to initially have had some effect. Troublesome dizziness, mouth sores and swallowing issues are persisting.  We are very grateful for your prayers for wisdom for the doctors and nurses, and for Bonnie's body and mind. We agree that even in these challenges God is good!  Kevin


Susan Barclay's Mother

My Mom Violet has had two lymphedema treatments.  The second was better than the first, though there haven't been noticeable results.  She was told to give it another two treatments to see if it's going to work for her. Continue to pray for relief from the swelling, as well as for her balance, mobility, muscle strength, sleep, and coughing issues.  We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog last week, so my Mom is also feeling more lonely when we are at work.  Pray for her emotional well-being as she is very discouraged by the lack of improvement to her health, especially when there is so much prayer support.  Thank you for persistence in lifting these requests to God.  Susan
UPDATE – AUGUST 26, 2021
My Mom's doctor diagnosed her with lymphedema.  This is what has caused her swelling.  It's a mild case and she will begin treatment soon.  She continues to deal with lack of mobility and muscle strength as well as with chronic fatigue.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers.  May her healing come soon and be complete, to the glory of God.  Susan

Carolyn Berkel's Mother

Carolyn's Mom has been in hospital recently and has been seeking some kind of treatment for the knee pain she is experiencing.
Hello, Grandview family!  Thank you so much for praying for my Mom.  She is doing so much better and is grateful for everyone's prayers.  We have seen such a notable difference for which we give God praise.  We have not yet received word as to the treatment required regarding her knee but trust the Lord to make that available in His timing.  Thank you again for praying!  We are grateful!  The Berkels


Isobel Hart

Isobel suffers from on-going seizures and has been diagnosed with a type of mitochondrial deletion.
UPDATE – MARCH 24, 2021
Isobel is back in hospital at McMaster.  Kathryn had been noticing her breathing was becoming more laboured over the last few weeks.  She was hospitalized a week ago.  After numerous tests, they feel that sending her home with oxygen to supplement her breathing, especially at night, is the only treatment option at the moment.  They are hoping to come home on Wednesday with her.  Thank you for your continued prayers for Isobel and her family.  Greg Tombs

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