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About Grandview's Prayer Forum

Below is a list of Grandview's prayer requests and praise reports for you to pray for and rejoice over. 

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Prayer Requests

Jacquelyn Grant's Uncle

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023

Hello, Grandview family. My Uncle Vern (my husband's Uncle) has liver cancer.  He has been through chemotherapy treatments, and unfortunately, there has been no change.  The doctors have told him there is no more to be done.  He has about 6 months to live.  Vern is an atheist and does not believe in God.  Please pray for his healing and comfort for his daughter, Sue. Please also pray that God would reveal Himself to Vern and he would accept Jesus.  Thank you, Jacquelyn

Passing of Lori Woodley’s Father

SEPTEMBER 18, 2023

My Dad passed away at home on September 13. Please pray for my Mom as she grieves. Also for wisdom and clarity as she makes decisions about life without my Dad. My brother and I also would covet prayers as we try to support her. Praise for how God’s hand has been upon us throughout Dad’s illness and the opportunities to share the gospel with non-believing family members. Thank you for praying! Lori

Mary Jane Goudy's Friend

SEPTEMBER 17, 2023

My good friend and sister in Christ has recently moved with her daughter and her family to Alberta.  Ginny has custody of her grandson, Jordan and he is with her as well.  The move has been difficult as the 2 families adjust to living under one roof.  Ginny and Jordan are asking for prayer for emotional and physical health and for peace in all circumstances.  Thank you, Grandview family.  MJ Goudy

Janeen Shields


Janeen had a successful surgery on Tuesday.  She remains in University Hospital in London but will need some physiotherapy.  They are looking at Freeport Hospital.  We thank those who have been praying for Janeen.  Ron


Please pray for Janeen as she prepares to have surgery in London on Monday, September 11.  She will be having a shunt put in her brain to drain excess fluid and will be in hospital for a couple of days.  Thank you for your prayers.  Ron 

Judy Stewart's Grandson 

Judy's 10-year-old grandson was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome in the latter part of July and was admitted to the ICU and then moved the pediatric ward at McMaster Hospital.


Thanks for all the prayers on Seth's behalf.  The specialist said the surgery went well.  His pain was from his body not liking the presence of a 'dead' bone in the clavicle area.  There was no infection!  He is on meds and needs to recuperate.  Thank you again for your prayers.  Judy


Please pray for my grandson, Seth, who is having surgery this evening at McMaster to remove the abscess on his clavicle bone and clean out the area to prevent any further infection there.  Thank you.  Judy

With thankfulness, we can report that Seth (age 10) who had been admitted to McMaster on July 24 was discharged on August 7.  After 2 weeks of intravenous antibiotics, he is back with his family with 4 weeks of oral antibiotics.  Please pray that the staph infection will remain under control and that it will not resurface.  Thanks from his family and myself.  We are carried by our Great Physician.  Judy

LaVonne MacDonald's Husband


Please pray for LaVonne’s husband, Bob who had a heart episode on the weekend, and for both Bob and LaVonne as this was a very stressful experience. Thankfully, Bob is doing much better and is recovering in the hospital where he will be for at least another week. Thank you for your prayers.

Passing of Elizabeth Marshall

UPDATE - AUGUST 31, 2023

It is with sadness we let you know that Elizabeth passed away yesterday.  Please continue to pray for John and his family during this time of deep loss. Funeral details can be found here: Elizabeth's obituary.

UPDATE - AUGUST 28, 2023

Please pray for Elizabeth who is in Freeport Hospital and for her husband, John.  Elizabeth has taken a turn for the worse and is near the end of life.  Pray for God's peace and comfort as they wait on the Lord's will. Thank you for your prayers.
UPDATE - JULY 11, 2023

Please continue to pray for Elizabeth who is still in the hospital. She now has high blood pressure. Once Elizabeth is ready to leave the hospital it has been decided that she will go into a long-term care facility. Please pray for Elizabeth and John as they work through all the logistics of this move and the emotions of dealing with this separation. Pastor Andrew

JULY 8, 2023

Please pray for Elizabeth who is in the hospital with pneumonia. Also, pray for John as he is caring for her. Thank you for praying. Pastor Andrew

April Schipper's Mother

UPDATE - AUGUST 26, 2023

My Mom arrived for surgery yesterday (Friday) morning and was prepped for surgery.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances with other surgeries, her surgery was cancelled and postponed for next Friday, September 1.  Thank you for praying.  April

UPDATE - AUGUST 24, 2023

Surgery date has been set for Friday, August 25.  Praising God that it is soon but praying that my Mom feels peace and God’s hand on her during these circumstances.  Thank you for praying.  April
JULY 31, 2023

We are asking for prayer for my Mom, Lynn.  She has been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain.  After some imaging, they found a 15cm mass in her abdomen.  An oncologist will be doing surgery in London mid-August (no firm date yet) to remove it.  After it is removed, there will be testing to determine if more treatment is needed.  Mom is quite anxious about surgery so please pray for peace leading up to the surgery and for her recovery.  Thank you for your prayers.  April

Joyce Graham

AUGUST 24, 2023

Joyce would appreciate prayer as she is on medication for deep veinal thrombosis in her left leg.  Pray that the medication would work quickly and effectively as she waits for an appointment with a specialist.  Thank you for praying.  The Rutherford’s

Bev Seppenwoolde’s Friend

AUGUST 17, 2023

It is with great sadness that I tell you that my friend passed away.  Please continue to pray for his wife and 10-year-old son as they deal with the loss of a wonderful loving husband and father. Thank you for continuing to pray for their comfort and salvation. Bev

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