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Below is a list of Grandview's prayer requests and praise reports for you to pray for and rejoice over. 

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Prayer Requests

DCSS Missions Trip to Moosonee

APRIL 7, 2024 

Today 14 DCSS grade 12 students, one teacher and two parent chaperones will travel to Moosonee for a one-week missions trip.  They will run a VBS afterschool program, sports programs at the high school and an outreach with seniors.  Please pray for the students as they step outside their comfort zones, and that they will be bold in sharing the gospel and will encounter God in a new way.  Pray also for safety on the roads and through the week.  Thank you!  Valerie Paulley

Robert Adams

UPDATE - APRIL 5, 2024 

Unfortunately the biopsy results came back positive that Robert Adams has prostate cancer. Please pray for healing and for wisdom for the doctors as they come up with a plan for treatment. Thank you for praying. Pastor Andrew

Passing of Bonnie Pufall's Father

UPDATE - APRIL 2, 2024 

Visitation and funeral information has now been provided. Please find the details here. Thank you for continuing to pray for Bonnie and her family during this time of loss.

MARCH 30, 2024 

Please pray for Bonnie and Danny Pufall and their daughter, Katie as they grieve the loss of Bonnie's father, Eldon Killen, who passed away at Freeport Hospital this past Thursday morning.  Thank you for your prayers. 

Passing of Jacquelyn Grant's Father

UPDATE - APRIL 2, 2024 

Visitation and funeral information has now been provided. Please find the details here. Thank you for continuing to pray for Jacquelyn and her family during this time of loss.

MARCH 30, 2024 

My father, Henry Thiessen, went home to be with his Lord and Saviour early this past Thursday.  He was 90 years old and was a believer in Jesus at an early age.  No tears please, but rejoice that my earthly father is now in heaven with our Heavenly Father.  Please pray for our family as we gather together to plan his Celebration of Life.  Thank you for your prayers.  Jacquelyn

Debra Blundell's Brother and Family

Debra's brother, sister-in-law and their two daughters, who live in Abbotsford, BC, became homeless on February 29.  Since that time, they have been staying in temporary housing. Three of the family members are physically disabled with some cognitive challenges. Debra has been trying to guide and support them from a distance while coping with her own ongoing health challenges.

UPDATE - MARCH 31, 2024 

Through twists and turns that can only be attributed to God, my brother and family have found a permanent 2-bedroom, accessible basement suite in Mission, BC (across the Fraser River from Abbotsford, BC).  With help, they are moving in on Monday, April 1.  Please continue to pray that they can manage the higher rent.  Thank you.  Debra

Michelle Robinson

UPDATE - MARCH 31, 2024 

This Easter weekend, we acknowledge that God is good.  Michelle does not need further treatment at this time, but they will continue to monitor her condition.  Her focus now is getting back to a normal routine including back to work.  Thanks for your prayers and concerns.  Barry and Christine


Michelle has had her surgery and all went well enough that she is already resting at home.  We are so grateful for your concerns, words of encouragement, and mostly your prayers.  Barry and Christine

JANUARY 30, 2024

Our daughter, Michelle, is scheduled for brain surgery on Tuesday, February 13 at Toronto Western.  An MRI scan in November discovered a 1 cm-sized tumour. We are thankful that the location is well-suited for surgery.  Please pray that the surgery will be effective, for God's provision of healing to Michelle's body and that she will have a smooth recovery.  Please also pray for God's wisdom for how we can best support her leading up to the surgery and as we care for her at home afterward.  Thank you for your prayers.  Barry and Christine​

Maisie Chan

UPDATE - MARCH 27, 2024

Maisie's kidney scan turned out to be inconclusive, and her urologist wants to do another ultrasound on May 6 to confirm if she needs surgery or not.  He said 85% likely that she’ll need the surgery and 15% chance the blockage may improve by itself in the coming month.  We’ll continue to patiently trust in God, and we are deeply grateful for your prayers!  Toby

MARCH 24, 2024 

Our 7-month-old baby daughter, Maisie, was born with a left kidney blockage problem.  Most babies grow out of it, but she has not.  Maisie was given a kidney scan earlier this week in Hamilton, and we will be meeting her urologist tomorrow (Monday, March 25) to review the results. He will then decide if Maisie needs surgery or not.  We will greatly appreciate prayers for the Lord’s healing hands on her kidney, and we pray that if it is God’s will, she doesn’t need to go through surgery.  Thank you very much for your prayers!  Toby and Mamie

Passing of Kevin McKague's Father

MARCH 26, 2024 

Kevin's father, Ken, passed away in long-term care on Saturday evening at the age of 93.  A visitation will be held on Tuesday evening and the celebration of life on Wednesday, March 27 at 1:00pm in Wingham.  Please pray for Kevin’s mother and that the celebration of life will honour his father and bring glory to God.  Thank you for your prayers.  Shauni

Ruby Bretz

MARCH 22, 2024 

Please pray for my Mom, Ruby, who had a brief stay in hospital recently.  She is now home recovering.  Thank you for your prayers.  Melvin (Ruby's son)

Catherine Trewin

UPDATE - MARCH 18, 2024

Thank you for praying.  I have been six days in Grand River Hospital but am now improving enough to be discharged and continue my chemo next week.  I am so thankful especially to be continuing chemotherapy.  Just in the first cycle, one 4" tumour shrank completely, so I am eager to get on with chemotherapy.  Thank you again for praying.  Catherine

UPDATE - MARCH 1, 2024

Results of a recent chest X-ray and subsequent PET Scan indicate that the B B-cell lymphoma has returned and needs to be treated aggressively as soon as possible.  Catherine will be staying in London from Monday to Thursday for high doses of chemotherapy. Please pray that the lymphoma responds to the treatment. We are praising God for the pneumonia diagnosis, which required the chest X-ray, otherwise, the lymphoma might not have been found until much later. Thank you for praying. MJ Goudy

FEBRUARY 14, 2024

I have been on Intravenous (IV) fluids for the last 5 days for severe dehydration and am waiting for test results as I have neutropenia and seem to have multiple infections again.  Because some of these infections are contagious I cannot see Becca at all.  She is not handling this well.  I am waiting for the biopsy date but the pet scan date is next Wednesday in London.  Pray for Becca as she misses seeing me and for me that I will get better very soon.  Thank you for praying.  Catherine

Karen Burgess

MARCH 15, 2024 

Please pray for Karen who has recently received a diagnosis of a precancerous lesion.  She is awaiting more testing and planning for a hysterectomy.  Please pray Karen will know God's peace through all of this and that nothing has spread. Thank you for your prayers.

Kripa Pious

UPDATE - MARCH 15, 2024 

Please pray for me to find a job in the field I studied, IT. It has been very difficult since coming to Canada six months ago. I kindly ask my brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus our Saviour to pray for me.  Thank you.  Kripa

MARCH 4, 2024 

Please pray for my work permit to come in.  It has been three months since I applied.  Thank you for keeping this matter in prayer.  Kripa

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