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Child Dedication Vows:


Child Dedications

Do you dedicate yourself to wholeheartedly pursue your relationship with God by trusting in the finished, saving work of Jesus Christ and depending on the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your life, knowing that the life you model will shape your children even more deeply than the words you say?


Do you dedicate yourself to faithfully pursue a vibrant relationship with your spouse: sacrificially loving each other, dating each other, prioritizing each other over your work and children, and seeking help and guidance from your church family to help your relationship thrive, knowing that one of the best gifts you can give your children is a joyful, godly marriage?


Do you dedicate yourself to actively participate in the church community: investing in people, learning from friends, and using your gifts for the sake of Jesus’ Kingdom, knowing that your children need input and examples from the church family in addition to your family?


Do you dedicate yourself to raise your children with biblical love, instruction, and discipline? Will you take every opportunity that life gives you to diligently teach your children to love the Lord Jesus and observe all that he commanded, knowing that your primary responsibility as a parent is to train your child to be Jesus’ disciple?

Recent Services

Sunday April 24th 9:00 AM

Sunday January 9th 9:00 AM

Sunday January 9th 11:00 AM

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