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Our History

Grandview's History


Early in 1969 ‐ God gave the leaders of First Baptist Church, Waterloo, a vision to establish a new church in southeast Kitchener. In October 1969, with a “grand” view of what God would do in southeast Kitchener through His people, First Baptist Church sent out 54 members to begin the new work and for the first four years this fledgling congregation called Grandview met at Grand River Collegiate. The vision had started to take shape and the church began to grow.

1990's - Early 2000's

At this point the church began to grow even faster as many people made the decision to follow Christ. By the 1990s the larger gathering meant finding new ways to help people connect in more intimate settings for additional study and encouragement. Smaller home groups became a staple part of church life within Grandview and continues that way under the umbrella of our LifeGroup ministry.


The 1970s brought more excitement as God provided 4 ½ acres of farm land for Grandview, part of the 6 acres on which the church building is now situated. The first phase of construction began in 1973 on what is now the Daimler side of the property where the building took form around a main room that served as both sanctuary and gymnasium. Ministry also began to broaden out leading up to 1984 when we expanded our facility to include the current worship centre.

Mid 2000's - Today

Over the years we have been blessed by many different ministry initiatives that have served to grow and strengthen ministry to children, youth and adults in our community. Teams of committed volunteers serving alongside teams of pastors and ministry staff led this ministry very effectively. We have since planted Heritage Grace Church and several multicultural ministries to the glory of God. We are asking God for much more fruit in the KW region and beyond.

The Fellowship

The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada is a denomination of over 500 churches scattered across Canada from the Yukon to the tip of Nova Scotia.

The Fellowship was born in 1953 out of a desire for a nationwide body of churches committed to the truth of God’s Word and the proclamation of salvation through Jesus Christ. Over the last 52 years, several hundred churches have joined The Fellowship, either in large blocs (such as the Regular Baptist Churches of British Columbia in 1965) or individually. The dozens of church-planting projects undertaken by Fellowship churches and ministries continue to be our main source of growth.

The churches of The Fellowship share a burden for reaching the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Through our overseas mission, Fellowship International, we currently minister in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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