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Lay Biblical Counselling

About Lay Biblical Counselling

Grandview’s Lay Biblical Counselling Ministry exists to strengthen and support the pathway of Bible-based Christian discipleship. It offers counsellees a source of truth, delivered with grace, from Christian brothers and sisters. As a church we are called to love and support one another. Our Lay Biblical Counselling Ministry aims to equip and train men and women from our church so that they can offer support and Biblical counsel to those in our church who are going through difficult times.

Why Biblical Counselling?

We believe that the truth of the Bible is foundational to providing solutions for most personal and interpersonal challenges that people face, as well as for finding life meaning, purpose, worth and satisfaction. Therefore, this ministry is founded on Biblical beliefs and values which establish the basis for practice by our Biblical counsellors.

The Biblical Counselling service is provided only for those who attend Grandview Church and there is no cost. We require each person to go through an interview and intake process to establish what their need is to best support the individual. All counselling will be held in our church building in designated rooms or online depending on the counsellees preferences.

Get Started!

If you are interested in receiving counselling please contact Pastor Andrew to schedule an interview.


Each of our counsellors are certified with the Association of Biblical Counsellors (ABC). They are equipped to offer wise counsel, based on Biblical principles, to those who require it and desire it. The focus of this ministry is “speaking the truth in love”.

Got questions or want more

Contact Andrew DeGraaf

Pastor of Care & Connections

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