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Our Logo

Explaining Grandview's Logo

If you are newer to Grandview, you might be wondering what our logo means. Admittedly, a circle with some squiggly lines through it isn't exactly obvious. We hope this helps. :)
Our Neighbourhood

The large, upper swoosh that cuts through the centre of the logo represents Chicopee Ski Hill, which serves as a geographical landmark for our city and represents the specific neighbourhood where our church is located within Kitchener.

We have been called to love the people of this city, and the people in this neighbourhood.

Our Region

The lower, semi-circular line below the swoosh represents the Grand River, which meanders through the heart of our city and unites the surrounding region. Members of our church are scattered throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Breslau, Guelph and beyond.

We have been called to bring gospel renewal to our region.

Our World

The single outer ripple of the logo represents our global missions. We support many individuals and families who are investing their lives to share the gospel with people all over the world.

We support missionaries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Serbia, Russia, Philippines, Japan and Papua New Guinea.

Our Mission

Our logo is most often seen in white. This represents our calling to be a unique community of salt and light in this dark and sin-filled world. You'll also see our logo expressed in blue. Blue reminds us of the waters of baptism and Jesus' command to make fruitful disciples.

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