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Featured Courses

At Grandview, we take learning seriously to help us intentionally grow more into the image of Christ and make fruitful disciples. Featured Courses provide a space for in-depth study and discussion together in community. They are usually offered in six-week sessions, two times a year on Sunday evenings from 6:30pm-8:00pm.

We invite highly qualified guest teachers to instruct our members on topics relevant to Biblical understanding and engaging with our culture. Experience the joy of learning and application with others in our church family by registering for a Learning Centre Featured Course today!

Fall Courses: October 16 - November 27

Finding My Place

Pastor Andrew and Pastor Bob will be teaching this course. Every Christian is called to participate in God’s mission. It is where we find our greatest meaning. While there are many good works that God has prepared for us (Eph. 2:8-10), our mission and ultimate purpose are in the building up of God’s church. This course aims to help you find your place at Grandview. 

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Grace/Truth 2.0 – Faith, Sexuality & Gender Discussion

Ryan Kreuzer, our Learning Centre Director, will be leading this group dialogue course using the resource, Grace/Truth 2.0: Five More Conversations Every Thoughtful Christian Should Have About Faith, Sexuality & Gender. The course looks at why Christians are changing their view toward affirming same-sex relations, addresses some of the strongest affirming arguments, explores a biblical and theological view of transgender and intersex persons, and offers practical advice on how to embody the grace/truth way of Jesus in the context of ministry.

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Understanding the Old Testament

Dr. David Barker will be our guest teacher for this course which will survey the Old Testament. You will greatly benefit from quality teaching that will help you understand the Old Testament in its original context but also as sacred Scripture for the church! The goal is to make it more accessible and less intimidating for all. There are stories of faith and failure, but God is the Hero of every story. You can expect to go through some of the awkward sections, look at timelines, and get an overview of how the Old Testament fits together.

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Participating in the Mission of the Church (FP 1.3)

We want everyone in our church to know how they can be part of the mission of the church and to understand how this connects to our focus of making fruitful disciples. Pastor James and Bob Howard, will be teaching a six-week group dialogue course using the First Principles booklet 1.3: Participating in the Mission of the Church. This is the third in a series of 13 workbooks in the First Principles Series. You will learn about how you can contribute to making a difference through the local church.


Baptism & Membership Classes

We also offer online on-going membership and baptism classes here at Grandview. If you are interested in getting baptized, becoming a member at Grandview, or just want to learn more, make sure you sign up!

Baptism Class

Baptism is a command that Jesus gives to those who have committed their lives to following Him. It demonstrates externally what He has done for us internally and eternally. As you walk into the waters of baptism you join in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and celebrate with the Church in His ultimate victory over sin and death. Baptism also announces to the world that we are followers of Jesus and want to live in allegiance with Him.

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Membership Class

Have you been attending Grandview for some time and would like to make the commitment to our church family by formally joining us in our Membership? We encourage you to sign up for our next membership class to learn more about Grandview and to take this next step in joining our Grandview family.

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