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The Learning Centre offers courses that will help you progress on this learning path. Courses are taught over six Sunday evenings (6:30-8:00PM), in three semesters per year: Fall, Winter and Spring. All courses are online via Zoom until further notice.

Spring Courses: April 30 - May 30

(excluding May 9th)

First Principles 1.1: Becoming a Disciple

Whether you are new to the Learning Centre (and the First Principles Series), or a New Believer, this is the course for you. Learning Centre Director, Ryan Kreuzer, will be teaching a 6-week group dialogue course on Being a Disciple. You will learn about essential elements of the gospel, the reason for baptism, the core teaching of Jesus delivered by the Apostles (First Principles), how we are transformed, and principle-based living.

First Principles 2.1: Enjoying Your Marriage Relationship

Pastor of Care, Andrew DeGraaf, will be teaching a 6-week group dialogue course on Enjoying Your Relationship. You will learn about cultural confusion relating to marriage, God’s design for marriage, and how to build a marriage considering community and intergenerational commitment.

First Principles 3.1: Handling the Word with Confidence

Lead Pastor, Bob MacGregor, will be teaching a 6-week group dialogue course on Handling the Word with confidence. You will learn about how to accurately handle God’s Word considering it as one long story, the basic units, interpretative aids, and a plan for you to grow. This is helpful for training your children, ministering effectively in the church community, defending your faith, and intelligently carrying out your lifework.

Leadership: The Odyssey of Paul in Acts

Pastor Jacob Elliott and Fellowship President Steve Jones will be leading this course on leadership. It will involve studying the Apostle Paul’s three missionary journeys ( Acts 9-19) and investigation of specific character traits that are true of maturing disciples and leaders. You can expect discussion on how to develop faithfulness, build great faith, become a peacemaker, maintain integrity, the critical nature of persistence, and more.

Systematic Theology 1

Our guest teacher, Dr. Barry Howsen, will be teaching a 6-week course on Systematic Theology. Systematic Theology is understanding and formulating the Bible’s teachings under different subjects, that is, what the whole Bible teaches regarding each one. In this course we want to examine what the Bible teaches on Scripture, God, creation, angels, humans, sin, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church and end times.

Upcoming Fall Courses

October 17 - November 21

Old Testament Survey 

Guest speaker Dr. Tony Costa

Enjoying Your Relationship

Pastor Andrew DeGraaf

Passing on Your Beliefs 

Pastor Bob MacGregor

Baptism & Membership Classes

We also offer online on-going membership and baptism classes here at Grandview. If you are interested in getting baptized, becoming a member at Grandview, or just want to learn more, make sure you sign up!

Baptism Class

Baptism is a command that Jesus gives to those who have committed their lives to following Him. It demonstrates externally what He has done for us internally and eternally. As you walk into the waters of baptism you join in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and celebrate with the Church in His ultimate victory over sin and death. Baptism also announces to the world that we are followers of Jesus and want to live in allegiance with Him.

Membership Class

Have you been attending Grandview for some time and would like to make the commitment to our church family by formally joining us in our Membership? We encourage you to sign up for our next membership class to learn more about Grandview and to take this next step in joining our Grandview family.

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