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About Learning Centre

At Grandview we take learning seriously in order to grow more into the image of Christ and make fruitful disciples. The Learning Centre provides a space for in-depth study and discussion together in community. Courses happen in six-week increments three times a year on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8pm.

First Principles courses look at the primarily Biblical principles for fruitful Christian living taught in the New Testament (Colossians 2:6-8). These courses follow a workbook and are highly discussion-based. Every person at Grandview can benefit from this excellent series taught by our pastors and staff.

We also bring in highly educated guest speakers to teach our members on topics relevant to Biblical understanding and engaging with our culture. Join in the joy of learning and application with others in church family by signing up for a Learning Centre course today!

Spring Courses: March 20 - May 1

First Principles 1.4: Cultivating Habits of the Heart

MJ Goudy will be teaching a 6-week group dialogue course using the First Principles booklet 1.4: Cultivating Habits of the Heart. You will learn about what it means that Christ dwells in your heart and about cultivating habits. These habits are relevant to your individual life, with your family, with your church family, and in your lifework. In-person in room 209.

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Grace/Truth 1.0 Faith, Sexuality & Gender Discussion

Ryan Kreuzer will be teaching a 6-week group dialogue course using Grace/Truth 1.0 Faith, Sexuality & Gender. It is small group learning experience that introduces Christians to LGBT+ people, the language to use and avoid, a theologically faithful view of marriage and sexuality, and practical guidance on how to embody the love of Christ toward sexual and gender minorities. In-person in room 207.

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Systematic Theology (Part 2)

Our guest teacher, Dr. Barry Howson will be teaching a 6-week course on Systematic Theology (Part 2). Part 1 was taught last Spring. We will be doing the theological discipline of Systematic Theology which is understanding and formulating the Bible’s teachings under different subjects, that is, what the whole Bible teaches regarding each one. 

In this course we want to examine what the Bible teaches on Christ, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the church and eschatology. In-person at Grandview.

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Morning Workshop: Sat June 4 at 8:30am-12pm

Fruitful Conversations

We'll explore the question, "How do we make disciples that bear much fruit?" You will be given principles and guidance for one-on-one disciple-making conversations. You’ll learn how to leverage a self-assessment tool (the one we used in the Fall) to accelerate and deepen your efforts. This workshop is for:

  • Christian friends who want their conversations to explore the most important aspects of their faith

  • Parents are looking for ways to instruct their children in the Lord

  • Anyone who wants to help others grow in their walk with God

Outdoor Study Group

Baptism & Membership Classes

We also offer online on-going membership and baptism classes here at Grandview. If you are interested in getting baptized, becoming a member at Grandview, or just want to learn more, make sure you sign up!

Baptism Class

Baptism is a command that Jesus gives to those who have committed their lives to following Him. It demonstrates externally what He has done for us internally and eternally. As you walk into the waters of baptism you join in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and celebrate with the Church in His ultimate victory over sin and death. Baptism also announces to the world that we are followers of Jesus and want to live in allegiance with Him.

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Membership Class

Have you been attending Grandview for some time and would like to make the commitment to our church family by formally joining us in our Membership? We encourage you to sign up for our next membership class to learn more about Grandview and to take this next step in joining our Grandview family.

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