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Loving God
Loving God's Family
Loving God's World

Sunday services at 9:00am & 11:00am
Traducción al español disponible durante el servicio de 9:00am

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1 Peter
Holy Living in Hostile Lands

As our society races away from its Christian heritage, the Christian remnant appears odd and increasingly out of step with the times, a designation with which we need to be reacquainted. To this end, Jesus’ last words to the Apostle Peter were to feed My sheep so they might flourish as sojourners, carrying the aroma of Christ en route to their eternal inheritance. In these five short chapters of his epistle, Peter encourages us to embrace a holy lifestyle and joyfully accept the ridicule that comes with it. Bring your Bible, and join us in our study of 1 Peter, Holy Living in Hostile Lands.

Loving God. Loving God's Family. Loving God's World.

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Student Ministries

Grandview's Student Ministries (GVCSM) is aimed to equip leaders and students to be and make faithful disciples of Christ. We are also the community in which the youth from KW feel welcome, have fun, and are introduced to Jesus.

Grandview Kids

Grandview Kids partner with parents in the journey of supporting their children as they grow in their relationship with God, their peers, and others in the world around them. The safety of the children entrusted to our care is important to us.

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Outreach Ministries

Mandarin Ministry 华人事工

Bible studies, LifeGroups and more!


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