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7:00-9:15PM - 9:00AM-3:30PM

Christ in Culture is a conference designed to help Christians engage and think biblically about some of the most significant cultural issues of the day. This year's conference theme is 'When Faith Meets Doubt.' This conference will equip and encourage Christians to navigate the challenges that come in a culture of deconstruction and doubt.


  • Human Doubt and Jesus

  • Discerning the Times: Navigating Deconstruction and Doubt in Canada

  • Defining the Deconstruction and #Exvangelical Movements

  • Deconstructing Doubts

  • Reconstructing with the Christian Tradition

  • To Whom Shall We Go? Hearing Jesus Amidst Doubt and Fear



  • Christ, Culture, and Kuyper – A Holistic Worldview to Navigate Modern Society

​What is the way of Christ in culture? In this session, we'll investigate the perennial question of Christ and culture with Abraham Kuyper as a guide. Kuyper famously said: "There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not say, "Mine!" If Christ is truly Lord over all of life, he no doubt has a word and way for navigating the banalities and complexities of our cultural life today. Excavating the assumptions of our time and equipped with theological tools for the journey, we'll see that such a word contains a profound "yes" to God's good creation and a profound "no" to sin's deadly corruption.

  • Accompanying Student Doubt

​How do we care for our friends when they come to us with doubts and concerns? Aside from answers to questions, what can we offer? In this session, we'll take some time to consider what it means to accompany our friends through their questions and concerns, learning from ministers who walk alongside university students.

  • If God, Why Evil?

​The problem of evil has caused more atheism, skepticism, and agnosticism than any other challenge to Christianity. In this session, Tim offers four important insights on God and evil that have revolutionized his thinking of this issue. First, evil is something. Second, evil is not some thing. Third, something good made evil possible. Finally, evil is solved by someone. Each of these points is crucial to reconciling a good God with all of the evil in the world.

General Admission


Student Admission


Includes lunch and all fees. Student admission for all junior high, high school and college students.



Tim Barnett

Christian apologist and co-author of the 2024 book, The Deconstruction of Christianity.

Tim Barnett is the co-author of The Deconstruction of Christianity. He is a husband, a father, a speaker for Stand to Reason, and a social media content creator. More recently, Tim has risen to popularity through Red Pen Logic with Mr. B, which helps people assess bad thinking by using good thinking. This platform reaches millions of people every month. You can connect with Tim online at


Dr. Jessica Joustra

Assistant Professor at Redeemer University and co-editor of Calvinism for a Secular Age

Jessica Joustra (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is an Assistant Professor of Religion and Theology and Director of the Albert M. Wolters Centre for Christian Scholarship at Redeemer University (Ancaster, Ontario). She is an associate researcher at the Neo-Calvinist Research Institute at the Theological University of Kampen/Utrecht (Netherlands). She is also co-editor of Calvinism for a Secular Age: A Twenty-First Century Reading of Abraham Kuyper’s Stone Lectures. Jessica and her husband, Robert, have one child and live in Hamilton, Ontario.


Sunder Krishnan

Former Pastor of Rexdale Alliance Church in Toronto

Sunder Krishnan grew up in the capital city of New Delhi.  After working at the Atomic Energy of Canada for eleven years, Sunder joined the Pastoral Staff of Rexdale Alliance Church where he served until, he “retired”  June 30, 2016. He and his wife, Shyamala, have two married children, Vijay and Sheila and six grandchildren, Rebecca (Wil), Matthew (Jocelyn), Benjamin, Noah, Joel and Gideon. Sunder’s passion is to teach the Scriptures and mentor the next generation to live passionately with God for His glory and their joy.


Andy Smits

Executive Director, Next Generation & Future Trends, at Power to Change Canada

Andy is the National Director of Power to Change-Students, a post-secondary ministry that wants to see every student walking closer to Jesus and experiencing life in him. P2C-Students helps students take their next step towards Jesus, whether they're already a Christian or not. Twenty years ago, Andy and his wife Loni moved from Ottawa to Montreal where they have served ever since. They have four children.


Dr. Jonathan Stairs

Pastor of Temple Baptist Church and Adjunct Professor at Heritage College & Seminary.

Jonathan is the Lead Pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Cambridge, Ontario and an Adjunct Professor at Heritage College & Seminary. Jonathan and his wife Lori have four children and one granddaughter. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Moody Bible Institute, a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Liberty University. Jonathan loves the outdoors enjoying God’s creation. A former pitcher, you might find him on a baseball diamond coaching or watching the game he has loved the most for four decades.


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