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Videos & Resources

Family Faith Foundation's is a series of videos that talk about the spiritual disciplines that the were practiced by Jesus and prescribed for all believers in the Bible. The videos are made for kids to watch with their parents and for them to learn how they can practice these disciples in their everyday life.

The videos are available below, as well as resources for each topic to help further your learning and how to apply each discipline further into your life.

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The Bible Pt. 1: Why Should I Read It?

Chronological Bible Reading Plan - Read the Bible in the historical order in which the recorded events actually occurred.

The Bible Pt. 2: How Should I Read It?

5 Day Reading Plan - Chronological Old Testament and New Testament 5 days a week. (Disregard the dates and use the checklist)

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Worship: What is it? w/ Pastor Jacob

Seeds Family Worship - this website is full of scripture set to song, mini devotionals and other resources to encourage the family.

All of Life as Worship - A 4-part course that explains how our being satisfied in God is necessary to show God's worthiness and to sustain sacrifices of love—a life of worship.

Image by Jack Sharp


Fasting: What is it? w/ Ernest Osei

Fasting as a Family - this article outlines the concept of Fasting, then provides practical ways to do it as a family.

Fasting (Article) - Teaching Kids Spiritual Disciplines

Image by Alisa Anton


Stewardship: What is it? w/ Tim Mudde

Article - 4 ways to teach kids to be good stewards

Article - Kids of Integrity explore a bundle of ideas that help kids be more generous, willing to share, and willing to put others’ interests ahead of their own

Image by Amy Tran


Silence & Solitude: What is it? w/ Jim Barnett

10 Simple Ways to Teach Solitude - This article provides practical, simple ways for you to develop intentional moments of silence with God.

Article - Anything but Vanilla Methods to Bring Fresh Flavour to Times with God.

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Learning: What is it? w/ Pastor Andrew

The Learning Centre - Grandview's Learning Centre offers courses that will help you progress in your journey of faith.

Journaling: What is it? w/ Pastor Andrew

Church Library- The church library has a lot of fiction books for children, youth and adults. 

RightNow Media- You can have access to over 20,000 Biblically-based videos for small groups, families, students, and leadership development.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Prayer: What is it? w/ Doug Holmes

Four Prayers for Bible Reading - How should we pray over our Bibles? Here are four verses you might pray as you open God’s word.

Pray the Bible - When it comes to prayer, do you ever feel like you’re saying the same old things about the same old things?

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