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Student Ministries


What to expect

We have students from across the Tri-city area who come together each week to form our community. We serve 100 students while seeing an average of 30+ students at HSSM and 25 students at JHSM each week.

Just come and have fun! Be yourself and join our community as we seek to love each other well. We often start with some games and snacks before we have a time of teaching from the Bible. After this, we will break into smaller groups, we call them BOGS (Breakout Groups) and discuss what we learned and pray with one another! Each BOG has 2 or more adult leaders who will connect with you throughout the year. We will also have other events and retreats throughout the year to bring us closer to God and each other. I can't wait for you to join us! Wear whatever you are comfortable in and don’t hesitate to come early and stay late!

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Student Entrance Doors

We meet in the lower level of the building in our youth room which is conveniently located across the hall from our gym and kitchen which we use during our time together. 

Meet us at the side door between the upper and lower parking lots!

Student Ministry Consent Form

We ask that all parents/students complete our consent form when they attend a Grandview Student Ministries Event. These are required at their first event and are only needed once per school year.

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